The Yoga of Transformation at the Yellow Barn – Day 9

This blog is the ninth of a series that invites you to experience the Yellow Barn’s 10-day Yoga of Transformation, guided by Gary (Anandasagar) Majchrzak, a nationally renowned yoga teacher and instructor.

By Polly Meyer

ImageNine days deep into transformation yoga and Gary, our instructor, is compassionately reminding us to trust our bodies as we go deep into the poses, and that there is a wisdom found in focusing on our breathing. Part of our Transformation Yoga at the Yellow Barn includes a sharing time at the end of each intense practice. And our small group has been sharing some interesting things! Little did we know that the pranayamas along with the intense poses would heal our bodies, tap into our awareness, create an unbelievable inner calm, and birth incredible visions.

In nine short days we’ve experienced transformation in varied and specific ways. One yogi shared how physical sensations came back into her face where only numbness was felt before from dental surgery done years earlier. Another shared how a muscle that was limited after being cut and stitched together is now operating at almost full capacity. The apparition of a bear appeared to two different yogis during a practice. We’ve had healing revelations concerning painful experiences, seen apparitions of people we knew but who had passed away, and a couple of us had visions of ducks and egrets that came to offer unique perspectives on how we view situations. Almost all of us have had loved ones comment on our deeper level of peacefulness.

Its not easy to explain these experiences to people outside of the class. When I try, it seems like I begin every sentence with, “I know this sounds bat-shit crazy, but…”

One thing I know for sure is that the whole experience of Yoga Transformation has had profound effects on all of us in the class. Our Spirits have been enlarged.


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