The Yoga of Transformation at the Yellow Barn – Day 8

This blog is the eighth in a series that invites you to experience the Yellow Barn’s 10-day Yoga of Transformation, guided by Gary (Anandasagar) Majchrzak, a nationally renowned yoga teacher and instructor.

By Polly Meyer

ImageOur Transformation Yoga transforms us through chaotic movements, deep poses, breathing exercises, profound relaxation, focused minds, and free movement dancing.  The order we practice in is always the same and there is great wisdom in the order. The process brings us through many deaths and resurrections in each practice. With each practice we transform. All of us are participating in this program are transforming in one way or another. We have all shared about the new connectedness we have with visions, our bodies, minds, emotions and Spirits.

Our last shavanasa brings us into free movement dancing. Each day, our instructor uses an eclectic blend of music, some with words some without, to allow organic and spontaneous movements to rise and express itself through us. There is no judgment here. It’s a safe space for expression and free exploration. The music and dance reconnects us with our innate state of joyous well-being. Our minds are clear, free, and positive. Our bodies feel supple, energized, and powerful. Our dance is an empowering journey to self-acceptance and transformation. We play in the music. It awakens each chakra and liberates our creative life force. We dance as an outlet for beautiful physical expression and to connect to our inner joy and true essence. We are joined as Spirits as we dance and share in this sacred journey of self-discovery, revolution and healing.


About PollyMeyer

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