The Yoga of Transformation at the Yellow Barn – Day 5

This blog is the fifth in a series that invites you to experience the Yellow Barn’s 10-day Yoga of Transformation, guided by Gary (Anandasagar) Majchrzak, a nationally renowned yoga teacher and instructor.

ImageBeautiful yoga studios matter. The amount of light in a room and the use of natural earth elements like wooden floors and candles, soothe the mind, energize the spirit and encourages an open heart. Yes, yoga is really about inner reflection, but when a space feels sacred, so does your practice.

Today, we focus on the Heart Chakra. We inhale and exhale with the mantra, Yahm. The sound of this word is delightful to my ears. It sounds like “Yum.” As in, when a warm chocolate brownie is set before you, and without thought you freely and naturally release the word, “YUM!”

Yum means scrumptious and delectable, and in itself is an expression of love. It feels so right to meditate on this word to open up my heart. The Yahm sound is primal and each expression literally vibrates through my chest and into my back. I concentrate on the expansion of my heart and remain open to its surprises and varied expressions as the meditation goes deeper. I focus on Yahm and I hold my pose while it mingles with my thoughts, gives birth to visions, and dances with my emotions. My ribs expand and energy flows effortlessly in and around my spine. I notice that I’m feeling joyful which I find surprising. Joyful at 5AM is something I never experienced before.


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