Embracing the Unknown

Comfort Zone

Lets turn up the heat!

We are all born with talents and gifts that are uniquely our own. These aid us in fulfilling our purposes here on earth. (I say purposes, because I believe we each have more than we realize.) At times we can feel our talents and gifts swirling around inside of us like a symphony, building with the intensity of a full orchestra as it waits for release and to fulfill its destiny. But all too often we contain the creation that builds inside of us. Our lack of time and/or our lack of confidence holds us back from releasing what is meant to come forth. We ignore the calling and stay inside our comfort zones and instead choose to embrace the mundane. We distract ourselves day in and day out, doing the same things, eating the same foods, visiting the same places, and hanging out with the same friends. The question for anyone on a journey of transformation is not “Will I survive if I step out of my comfort zone?” The real question is “Will I survive my comfort zone?”
The comfort zone may feel cozy and familiar, but its like sweet poison, quietly killing off our spontaneity and our vitality. When we choose our comfort zone over growth we get stuck or worse, because ultimately we are either awakening and growing or stagnating and spiraling downward. Life is never static – we either grow or die.
A comfort zone is a state of mind, body and soul that we move towards when we find ourselves not wanting to or unable to deal with the pressures we’re facing. It’s a neutral and familiar place we can go to and not have to face the challenges that arise. But by escaping into a comfort zone, we render ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of sabotaging behavior, addiction, and stagnation. Stepping out of our comfort zones means adopting new patterns and learning new stories and leaving the safety of what we’re familiar with. But if we don’t step out of the known – the comfort zone – we bring yesterdays limited thinking into the present, therefore dooming the present to be just like the past. We keep repeating and doing the same things again and again, getting the same results, and then complain, “Nothing ever changes in my life.” But we must venture forward in order to grow and fulfill our purpose. How do we know what our purpose is? Our talents, gifts, and what we’re drawn to are big indicators.
So many of us would rather cling to the familiar than risk the unknown. The past is familiar, something we can hold on to, while the future is completely uncharted and feels groundless. Again, we must venture forward in order to grow.  It is our destiny to grow and live life “on purpose.” Buddha taught his students to walk toward their fears, with an open heart rather than away from them; to face them head-on so that we can dissolve their hold over us. From herein, we start making great changes in our lives, and our lives become fuller.


About PollyMeyer

I studied everything about being on-camera to promote myself as a successful on-camera Commercial Talent, TV Host, and Presenter. I studied with top experts in the media. I further developed these on-camera skills as a Video Producer coaching and directing business professionals on how to make a connection with the camera, and to come across the lens as Confident, Knowledgeable, and Likable. I developed soundbites and message content for corporate videos and presentations. I became an expert in media training. My passion is showing my clients and students how develop their ON-CAMERA Media skills STRATEGICALLY to GET RESULTS! I created IMAGE ON CAMERA, a boutique media training partnership. We direct you on camera in our Minneapolis studio. We walk you through from start to finish. We coach you in developing a dynamic on-camera presence, help you get clear on your message, rehearse your soundbites, structure your videos, plan your media strategy, and rehearse interview techniques. Everything is filmed so you'll quickly get instant replay and feedback. We have a full service video production studio and can film and edit your videos for you! If you're wanting to shoot your own videos, we can train you in the art of Social Media Prep. CONNECT WITH ME IF... ✓ You're a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to feel MORE CONFIDENT, MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE, and MORE DYNAMIC in front of the camera and when giving presentations. ✓ You're looking for a media trainer for your organization or association, a workshop or a keynote speaker for your conference. ✓ You're wanting a coach to walk with you from start to finish. ✓ You offer professional services (i.e. coach, consultant, lawyer, accountant, financial services etc.) & want to be known as the LEADING AUTHORITY in your community. We can show you how to be seen as this authority using video. Contact me for a custom solution to all of your ON-CAMERA, MEDIA, and VIDEO PRODUCTION needs: PollyMeyer@ImageOnCamera.com
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6 Responses to Embracing the Unknown

  1. flawedhead says:

    Nice one here, I love reading anything related to “moving into the unknown territory” cause i’ve recently leaped. I’ve thrown myself towards the unknown territory, leaving everything behind. Reading your stuff here made me even more stronger to carry on. thanks 🙂

  2. pollymeyer says:

    Thanks for reading. Continue moving towards the things that scare you. That’s where an amazing life begins!

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    • pollymeyer says:

      Thanks for the interest in the blog and moving it forward. Its so nice to work with other Eagles and forward thinkers 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing to change the heart of the world. Everything helps. Send out love and healing and it will return to you. I believe that’s called Karma 🙂


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