Redeeming the Day

It’s late in the day, and I’m sitting at a cafe in the heart of St. Paul. My car coughed and sputtered in the heat, and came to a rest on the corner. The old girl has 190,000 miles on her, and the heat effects us both the same. We both get uncomfortable, we start to whine, and then need to find a shady place to rest until we cool down. I’m glad she came to rest in St. Paul. I love this city. It’s the link between the effervescent city of Minneapolis and the thriving community of Woodbury. Many great writers live here, including Garrison Keillor. 

After locking the car and patting her on the hood, I walked through streets of the old neighborhood I found myself in. I looked up towards the canvas of trees that shaded the street before me and my heart tumbled with a love I couldn’t answer or explain as I heard the  hauntingly familiar music of my youth. I couldn’t believe my ears nor my eyes. An ice-cream truck! I havent seen one in a decade or more. It was white and square and its sides were covered with pictures of yummy cold treats. The truck was much smaller than I remembered it being. It rolled slowly down the street, and I was surprised to notice its music still had the same effect on me. I was like one of the Pied Piper’s mice, magically following the music. (It seemed to have the same effect on the three other kids running towards magical musical truck as well.) The four of us followed behind it, trailing along waiting for its wheels to stop rolling and sell us its creamy, sweet treats. The kids ran up to it with their dollars held tightly in their fists. Shyly, I walked up to its window and asked the driver for an ice-cream cone. I received a sweet little cone, stuffed with a dense, frozen cloud of ice-cream covered in milk chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peanuts. I bit into the chocolate crust and streams of melted ice cream immediately slid over my fingers. I was in heaven. 

These are the little moments that are meant to be savored. Coming across the ice- cream truck after my car overheated redeemed what could have been a miserable day for me.  So many of us let a single moment, or a build up of singular moments, steal away our peacefulness and darken the remainder of what was once a promising day. An overheated car, a sick child, running late for an important meeting, or an argument with a spouse or loved one can certainly knock us off-balance. But do we want to remain off-balance for the rest of the day? Or can we accept that what is effecting us negatively in the moment is just a momentary thing? There are many things surrounding us that can nurture our souls if we open ourselves up to them. Simple things – like an ice cream truck – can redeem the day and restore our equilibrium. Napping in the yard, in a patch of sunlight, in the middle of the day; a lovely meal; reading a simple passage in a book that speaks to your soul; creating something beautiful with your hands. These moments awaken within us the faint potentiality for happiness after darker times. We were given life, and it is our best interest as women to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight. I know that I feel more grounded through the enjoyment of harmless pleasures; and it creates within me a soul that is more intact. These blessed moments of redemption are indeed acts of worth in this world – even if these moments happen to effect nobody’s day but my own.


About PollyMeyer

I studied everything about being on-camera to promote myself as a successful on-camera Commercial Talent, TV Host, and Presenter. I studied with top experts in the media. I further developed these on-camera skills as a Video Producer coaching and directing business professionals on how to make a connection with the camera, and to come across the lens as Confident, Knowledgeable, and Likable. I developed soundbites and message content for corporate videos and presentations. I became an expert in media training. My passion is showing my clients and students how develop their ON-CAMERA Media skills STRATEGICALLY to GET RESULTS! I created IMAGE ON CAMERA, a boutique media training partnership. We direct you on camera in our Minneapolis studio. We walk you through from start to finish. We coach you in developing a dynamic on-camera presence, help you get clear on your message, rehearse your soundbites, structure your videos, plan your media strategy, and rehearse interview techniques. Everything is filmed so you'll quickly get instant replay and feedback. We have a full service video production studio and can film and edit your videos for you! If you're wanting to shoot your own videos, we can train you in the art of Social Media Prep. CONNECT WITH ME IF... ✓ You're a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to feel MORE CONFIDENT, MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE, and MORE DYNAMIC in front of the camera and when giving presentations. ✓ You're looking for a media trainer for your organization or association, a workshop or a keynote speaker for your conference. ✓ You're wanting a coach to walk with you from start to finish. ✓ You offer professional services (i.e. coach, consultant, lawyer, accountant, financial services etc.) & want to be known as the LEADING AUTHORITY in your community. We can show you how to be seen as this authority using video. Contact me for a custom solution to all of your ON-CAMERA, MEDIA, and VIDEO PRODUCTION needs:
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