A Woman of Substance – Here I Go

So, here I am writing about becoming a Woman of Substance. But what is a Woman of Substance? I’m not really sure, but I have an idea: A Woman of Substance is comfortable in her own skin, experienced in life, emotionally balanced, and maintains healthy boundaries. She’s spiritual but not necessarily religious. Wise, compassionate, well read and educated. She’s a lover of art in its many forms. Courageous and sometimes fearless. She has well-chosen friends, well-honed instincts, and a well-loved career. She likes order but not necessarily conformity. She is prosperous, if not in her bank account then at least in Spirit. She has goals and pursues them; yet she understands the value of pausing and living in the moment. She is well-traveled, either worldly or regionally, but doesn’t see herself as a tourist. She values her body as well as her mind and feeds and exercises them both. She loves deeply, thinks logically, and speaks truthfully. She surrounds herself with beautiful and meaningful things. And there is a peacefulness inside her that draws others in around her.

I’m sure there are many more attributes to describe this Woman of Substance. And perhaps a woman with this many attributes doesn’t possibly exist. I may be on an impossible mission, but my goal in writing this blog is to discover for myself what a true Woman of Substance is.

And it is my desire to become one.

I realize this transformation can’t happen overnight and it happens with fits and starts. Have you ever known a Woman of Substance? When you contemplate your life and look within, do you see a Woman of Substance there? Because there are days when I feel like I’m well on my way, and on others I just feel harried and overwhelmed and as far from reaching my goals as I’ve ever been.

But I still desire to become one.

So, here I go. For the next year I’m going to dive right into learning everything I can about what it means to be a Woman of Substance and blog about what I discover. I think it’s good for women to share what they learn. In my attempt to empower myself, perhaps someone will come across what I write and find it worthwhile or valuable. I have a stack of books that I’ll start tackling tonight. Hmmmm. “A Woman’s Worth” by Marianne Williamson, sounds like the right one to start with. As the weeks and months progress I’ll seek out and interview women who I believe possess these exceptional attributes, put into action the advice I read and hear on the subject, and share my experiences and thoughts on it all. I’m truly curious to see how my life will transform over the coming year. Will the way I see myself be profoundly different? Will I feel stronger? Will I love differently? Will I be closer to achieving my goals? Will my bank account be fuller? Will my house be cleaner? Will I be more peaceful? Will I be more worldly? Or will I just have more wrinkles?

It should be interesting. It’s a little overwhelming. I’m hoping I’ll follow through on this commitment for the entire year. But I guess committing to a goal is a part of a woman’s substance.


About PollyMeyer

I studied everything about being on-camera to promote myself as a successful on-camera Commercial Talent, TV Host, and Presenter. I studied with top experts in the media. I further developed these on-camera skills as a Video Producer coaching and directing business professionals on how to make a connection with the camera, and to come across the lens as Confident, Knowledgeable, and Likable. I developed soundbites and message content for corporate videos and presentations. I became an expert in media training. My passion is showing my clients and students how develop their ON-CAMERA Media skills STRATEGICALLY to GET RESULTS! I created IMAGE ON CAMERA, a boutique media training partnership. We direct you on camera in our Minneapolis studio. We walk you through from start to finish. We coach you in developing a dynamic on-camera presence, help you get clear on your message, rehearse your soundbites, structure your videos, plan your media strategy, and rehearse interview techniques. Everything is filmed so you'll quickly get instant replay and feedback. We have a full service video production studio and can film and edit your videos for you! If you're wanting to shoot your own videos, we can train you in the art of Social Media Prep. CONNECT WITH ME IF... ✓ You're a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to feel MORE CONFIDENT, MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE, and MORE DYNAMIC in front of the camera and when giving presentations. ✓ You're looking for a media trainer for your organization or association, a workshop or a keynote speaker for your conference. ✓ You're wanting a coach to walk with you from start to finish. ✓ You offer professional services (i.e. coach, consultant, lawyer, accountant, financial services etc.) & want to be known as the LEADING AUTHORITY in your community. We can show you how to be seen as this authority using video. Contact me for a custom solution to all of your ON-CAMERA, MEDIA, and VIDEO PRODUCTION needs: PollyMeyer@ImageOnCamera.com
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2 Responses to A Woman of Substance – Here I Go

  1. Joy Patricia Johnson says:

    I know of many women with all these attributes and many more besides. In the my own family, my grandmother and mother for example. They are totally comfortable in their own skins and since their deaths I have endeavoured to follow their example.

    I think you have to live with a sense of purpose “bigger than yourself” and not be afraid to be yourself and you also have to be prepared to accept that you will encounter jealousy because unfortunately we live in a culture whereby people are afraid to be themselves for whatever reasons, but the consequences are not worth “hiding behind a mask”.

    I have never been happier than to live a life full of passion and love.

    Good luck with your quest, it is a worthwhile ambition to be a woman of substance. They are out there and it is acheiveable.

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